The Giddy Kale Gal


ImageI’m finding out that there are some things on this play journey that make me giddy.  I am enjoying my new found love of cooking new things.  Lately, I am all about baked kale.  For those who know me well, this is a shocker of earthquake magnitude as I am not a fan of green veggies.  Eating a salad is fine, but those green tree things that we tell our kids the healthy dinosaurs ate – well, to quote a Valley Girl, “Gag me!”. 

Saturday I headed out to the local organic market to buy some kale to bake.  Ate it all within an hour of making it.  Just as in my granola escapades, I shared very little.  Yesterday I headed to the organic section of a local market to by more kale to bake.  Told you, I am giddy about kale.  And don’t get me started on my new found interest in quinoa.  Oh my that rocks the in the food world too! 

Today, I thought I’d start a cyber conversation with y’all to find out what your giddy about.  I’d love to know.  It might inspire me to try something new, enjoyable and playful. 

So, reader pal,friend and buddy (there are only three of you, right?)  – would you indulge me with your input? Just a few moments of your time to answer these inquires: 


What makes you giddy like a kid?

What are you passionate about?

What were you most looking forward to when you woke up this morning?

In my next entry I’ll share your responses – and mine. 

Maybe we will find a new game on the playground! 



What are your answers to these questions: What makes you giddy like a kid? What are you passionate about? What were you most looking forward to when you woke up this a.m.? Here are mine.


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  1. You are too funny Melissa, but I’ll answer your questions:
    1. Not sure I get “giddy” anymore ~ guess I’m getting grumpy – haha !
    2. I am passionate about reading ~ and love anything written by Max Lucado (non fiction) or Karen Kingsbury (fiction)
    3. I enjoy my early morning quiet (always look forward to it) a cup of coffee, my Bible and yes, playing Cafe World on Facebook. Since Jim is always home now due to disability, the early morning (4:30 to around 6ish) is “my time”. Is that too lame ?

  2. Darlene! Thanks so much!

    I bet you get giddy – I think making gifts for others might be one of those things! You are a giddy gal too! Am I right here?

    Lame – we don’t know the meaning of that word on this playground! 🙂

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