Support for the Playground


Mother’s Day has come and gone, and this writer has neglected her blog for too long!  This special day for us mamas came in mellow, not like the song lyric “mellow yellow” but more like the mellowness of a fine red wine which fills you with the warmth  and flavor fullness of the sun, soil and grapes from which it is made.

The holiday celebrates that which we mamas have made – our babes. Mine are growing rapidly, with my oldest having left the nest during a time of difficulty and college-aged angst, which he is still working through.  I miss him at times like these, but not as much as one might think.  I helped to grow that boy to young man the best way I knew how and I honor his need to do it his way. While I’m the mom o these boys I love, it’s not mine to hold them back if that is their desire.  I support that desire and the freedom to make it; we all have our own individual dance cards.

College son sent me a song that of course touched my heart as this is how he rolls. “Turn To You” by Justin Beiber brought me to tears, as it should, reminding both of us of how strong a bond between parent and child can be. I missed him much that day as he plowed through his studies finishing up him freshman year.

Young One, our baby, is not so little any more. His nine year old self created a sweetie pie card proclaiming me the best mom in the world! What an honor! He did do some shopping together, which, frankly was unnecessary given the prestige that came with my world honor.

In a red picnic basket were items that were just plain fun.  Candy from my childhood, straws with umbrellas, fish glassware and more overflowed from the basket.   The message:  “Keep Playing and Keep Writing Mom!

I will, boys, I will.


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Melissa M. Thompson, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in working with adults, children, and teen, facing the challenges of depression, anxiety, grief, divorce, and chronic illnesses such as cancer and cardiac disease. Melissa is the founder and Executive Director of MMT Counseling Services in Batavia, IL and a professor of Social Work at Aurora University. For more information, go to

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